University School Community Involvement Committee (USCIC)

Volunteer Opportunities and Descriptions

All parents or guardians, are automatically members of the University School Community Involvement Committee (USCIC). Teachers and school staff are also active members of this essential group, which supports meaningful connection among our students, families and school. You can think of this committee as the equivalent of a traditional Parent-Teacher Organization.

As a USCIC member, the committee invites you to participate in volunteer opportunities within the school throughout the year as you are available and have interest. The families of our creative, talented students are key to the community building we so value at University School.

Below are descriptions of volunteer opportunities available throughout the school year. There are varying roles to meet parents and families where they are in their busy lives – something for everyone! Each family member will receive an email survey toward the beginning of the school year that will allow them to sign up for specific opportunities.

School Picture Volunteer

These volunteers sign up for one-hour blocks on school picture days. For those assisting with younger classes, the volunteer walks them to and from the outdoor picture location, supervise the students while they wait for their turn, and checks their names off the list to ensure everyone has been photographed. For older classes, the volunteer simply monitors the students while they are waiting and checks their names off the list to ensure everyone has been photographed.

Classroom Representatives

The highly important classroom representative functions as the parent/family communication lead for a class. Classes may have more than one representative. The classroom representative may be creative and as active as they have time for in community building among their class, but the committee gratefully asks for at least the following commitment for these amazing volunteers:

Serve as a communication filter between the school, teachers, and class parents at least once per month to provide school and class-specific updates;

Introduce themselves as the classroom representative at parent meetings that occur at the beginning of the school year and to any new families that join throughout the year;
Manage the class Facebook group;

Attend the monthly USCIC meetings either in person or virtually
Depending on the grade level, reps will have additional opportunities to help coordinate and facilitate events both inside and outside of the classroom.

40th Anniversary Gala Committee Volunteer

There are various ways to support this fun committee.

Chess Club Volunteer

Running Club Volunteer

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Committee Volunteer

The Teacher Appreciation Committee is an established, functioning committee that coordinates special events or gestures throughout the year that show appreciation for the teachers and staff of University School. The leaders of this committee are always looking for volunteers to assist with contributing resources or helping execute events or initiatives.

Evening on the Lawn Volunteer

As our school community navigates ways to safely connect, we will have occasional “Evenings on the Lawn” outside of school hours. Families will be encouraged to bring a blanket, lawn chairs, and meal for their families and connect with others during these outdoor events. Volunteers will be needed to organize and help these events run smoothly.

Book Fair Chairpersons & Volunteers

University School usually holds two book fairs each year—one in the fall and another in the spring. Funds raised from book fairs benefit the school’s library. Book fairs are one of our most popular school events and are a great way to purchase books for your students and support the school at the same time. A chairperson for each book fair and many volunteers are needed to help these joyful and nostalgic events run smoothly.

Drama Festival Volunteer

Annually in the spring semester, students from Primary 1 through Older Intermediate 8 present original short plays at the University School Drama Festival. Volunteers are often needed on the day of the Drama Festival to help the event run smoothly.

Community Service Committee Volunteer

Volunteers on this committee will support in identifying, coordinating and executing volunteer activities for University School students throughout the year.

Stanford Testing Volunteer

During the annual Stanford testing, classroom teachers may need assistance in coordinating snacks for students.

The University School Community Involvement Committee meets monthly. The next USCIC meetings are scheduled for:

Wednesday, March 29 – Noon

Wednesday, April 12 – Noon

May Celebration – Wednesday, May 10 – Noon