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Funding the Future

Funding the Future (FTF) is University School’s annual giving campaign.  It helps bridge the gap between the school’s actual operational costs and the amount covered by tuition (approximately 80% of the annual needs of the school). FTF money provides teacher and staff development opportunities, additional curriculum materials, building maintenance, and special projects. The goal for FTF is for 100% of USchool families to contribute to the campaign.  A high participation rate provides not only necessary funds, but also shows how committed our families are to supporting the school. High parental participation rates are viewed as a significant factor by grant-giving organizations when school officials seek funding for projects that require funds beyond typical school operating expenses.

The impact made by our family of donors cannot be measured, nor can our appreciation for their generosity. Support from parents, grandparents, faculty, alumni and friends make it possible for University School to continue to provide an exceptional educational environment for gifted and talented students.


Remember – 100% of your Funding the Future gift will be put to work immediately to support the mission of University School.