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The mission of University School is to challenge gifted students with a dynamic curriculum in a nurturing academic environment. This year our Funding the Future campaign goes straight to the heart of our mission. Instead of choosing a special project to support, we realigned our budget to enable us to give every University School teacher a much-needed and long-overdue salary increase.

To make this work, we need your help with a gift to our annual Funding the Future campaign. Your gift will be put to work immediately to directly support our “dynamic curriculum and nurturing academic environment.” Does your child’s teacher need supplies for a special project? Your Funding the Future gift will be there. Are the classroom teachers passionate about learning new ways to support the social and emotional needs of quirky gifted kids? Your Funding the Future gift will enable them to attend a workshop or specialized conference to find the right approach. Is there furniture or equipment the teachers need to make the classroom more conducive to learning? Again, your Funding the Future gift will make it possible for us to say, “Yes! We can provide that for your classroom.”

Your gift to our 2019-2020 Funding the Future campaign is more important this year, than ever before, and every Funding the Future gift is important. No matter how big or how small, each of you can contribute to make 2019-2020 the best year for the students and teachers at University School.

Remember – 100% of your Funding the Future gift will be put to work immediately to support the mission of University School.

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