Strategic Plan

Educating Gifted Learners in the Innovation Era

University School began in the spring of 1982 with the goal of developing a national model for the education of gifted and talented students. While our focus remains consistent with our founding principles, it is imperative for us to shift our educational approach to align ourselves with the opportunities and challenges our students will face in the 21st century.  In this era of innovation, University School recognizes the need to adapt. A recent World Economic Forum report noted “the gap between the skills people learn and the skills people need is becoming more obvious, as traditional learning falls short of equipping students with the knowledge they need to thrive” (Gray; The Future of Jobs).

University School believes that education must evolve in order to accommodate the needs of current society and an innovation economy. In response to these changing societal conditions, in 2018 University School set out to create a five-year strategic plan and designate priorities to drive our decisions and align with the University of Tulsa. The strategic planning committee incorporated input from school-wide teacher and parent surveys, as well as current leading research in the field of gifted education. The plan was approved in the Spring of  2019.  Below are the four main objectives of the 2019-2024 strategic plan.  Work is ongoing for each of these objectives.

Provide in-school support to meet the social and emotional needs of gifted students in a rapidly
changing and diverse society.

Reorient academic and co-curricular (i.e., clubs, Camp Incredible, and student enrichment) programs
to catalyze a school-wide culture of innovation, research, and creativity as the best means to prepare
students for our increasingly knowledge-based economy.

Attract and retain high-quality, innovative faculty and staff who demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning.

Raise awareness of our leadership in gifted education.