Special Events

Camp Incredible at University School
University School’s summer program consists of six one-week day camps and is open to any first grade through 8th grade student. Grade levels refer to the grade students will be entering into the following fall. Four-year old students who are enrolled at University School are eligible to attend Camp Incredible.

Creative Producers Convention
This event is held each year in the Spring. The event celebrates all forms of creativity and includes many exhibits and activities. Class booths showcase student products and crafts. Older Intermediate students’ Type III research papers and products are exhibited. Family and student booths are also a part of the festival and may showcase cultural backgrounds, offer items for purchase or have activities and crafts for both students and adults. All USchool students are a part of the Creative Producers Convention and everyone is encouraged to attend. You may occasionally hear this festival referred to by its previous name — The Renaissance Fair.

Drama Festival
Annually in the spring semester, University School students in Primary 1 through Older Intermediate 8 present original short plays at our Drama Festival.  The plays are a class project in which the students conduct the research, write, and produce the plays about a historical period, figure, or event, under the guidance of their teacher. The performances are traditionally held at the Allen Chapman Student Union on the TU campus during the day and again in the evening.

Skills students learn during the drama festival include:
• Performance skills such as projection and enunciation, as well as being comfortable in front of an audience.
• How to be an audience member – sitting still, being quiet, offering applause when appropriate, being respectful of performers and fellow audience members, etc.
• How to research historical events and/or people, including costumes, customs, speech, etc.
• How to create a play.
• Time management & Project management.
• Collaborative work.
• World creation.
• Character development.

Spring Concert
Each Spring, University School hosts a concert in which all students participate. The event typically includes singing performances by all grades, and band performances by 5th – 8th grade students. The concert is usually held at the Lorton Performance Center (LPC).

This fundraising event promotes student participation in physical fitness. Each participating student and family is asked to obtain sponsorship from individuals outside of the school to support the event. The Jog-A-Thon takes place on a school day at the TU track.