Mission, Core Values and Beliefs


The mission of University School is to challenge gifted students with a dynamic curriculum in a nurturing academic environment.

Core Values

At University School we value:

  • The pursuit of excellence in scholarship, leadership, and citizenship.
  • The development of critical thinking, problem solving, and responsibility.
  • An environment that engages and empowers students to explore ideas prompting discovery and stimulating creativity.
  • A culture where faculty actively model the philosophy and benefits of life-long learning.
  • A community of acceptance that understands and celebrates diversity and shares cross-cultural values.


We believe a person learns best in a supportive, but kindly firm, atmosphere where they are actively involved and have some control over what occurs. We know that each student is an individual, and therefore, we do not expect uniform educational results. Flexible pacing is provided for all children at our school. One of the most widely used methods is open-ended materials and activities.