Back-to-School Forms 2021-2022

Back-to-School Forms – 2021-2022


Consent Form – Required for all students
A parent signature is required on this annual form, which includes four items: Emergency Treatment Consent, On-Campus Consent, Audio-Visual Consent, and COVID-19 Agreements. You may submit the form for multiple students by clicking on Add Student at the end of the form. Once you’ve entered all student names, you’ll then sign electronically before submitting the form.

Health Form – Required for all students
Each year, we collect up-to-date information on all students to make sure that we are aware of any health or medical issues that may affect students’ learning. This information is treated as confidential. You may submit the form for multiple students by clicking on Add Student at the end of the form.

Medication Permission Form – Required only if your student needs to take any medication at school
If your student needs to take medications of any kind at school, whether prescription or over-the-counter, you must fill out this permission form with details about the medication and dosing instructions. Any such medications must be brought to the school’s front desk by a parent; do not send medications to school with students. (Medications may be dropped off at school during our August 12 Sno Cones at USchool event. Alternatively, please contact us to arrange drop-off of medications since visitors are limited in the building.)

Computer Acceptable Use Policy – Required for all students
For EC-P2, this form requires only a parent signature. For students in grades P3 and above, both a student and parent must sign. You may complete the form for multiple students by clicking on Add Student at the end of the form. Once you’ve reviewed the policy for each student, you will add your parent signature before submitting.

Extended Day Program (EDP) Application – Required if you are interested in enrolling in EDP
Because of space and staffing constraints caused by COVID-19 safety measures, space in EDP is again limited this year. Please carefully evaluate your need for EDP before submitting an application. Our goal is to be able to provide extended day for the families for which it is an essential need due to parents’ work responsibilities. All applications submitted by the August 11 deadline will be reviewed, and parents will be contacted to confirm enrollment by August 16, 2021. (EDP drop-ins will not be allowed this year except in emergency situations which must be approved in advance.)

Enrollment options and costs are listed below. If you choose the annual payment option, the fee will be billed to your account in September. If you choose monthly payments, the monthly fee will be billed September 2021 through May 2022.

Annual Fee        Monthly Fee

Beforecare (starts at 7:30 a.m.)                                           $1,250                $150

Study Hall only (ends at 4:00 p.m.)                                      $1,250                $150

Beforecare & Study Hall (7:30-4:00)                                    $1,970                $230

Study Hall & Enrichment (ends at 5:15)                              $1,970                $230

Beforecare, Study Hall & Enrichment (7:30-5:15)               $2,915                $335


Club Enrollment (6th – 8th grades only) – Required if your student will be participating in Debate Club, Podcast Club, or MATHCOUNTS

Refer to the documents that were emailed to parents for details about club offerings. You may enroll multiple students in clubs using the Add Student button at the end of the form. (Some clubs require tryouts or an application and therefore do not have online enrollment. Details are provided on the documents in the email.)

Friday Pizza OrdersOptional

Ordering Friday pizza lunch is optional. If you choose to order, the cost will be posted to your student’s tuition account and is payable within 30 days.

Friday Pizza – Friday pizza includes 1 or 2 slices of Mazzio’s pizza and a dessert for lunch each Friday. The meat topping alternates each week between sausage and pepperoni. Options are:

  • 2 slices – $175 (choice of cheese, meat, or 1 of each)
  • 1 slice – $125 (choice of cheese or meat)