Student Active Interdisciplinary Learning Series

University School has created the SAILS curriculum for students of all ages. SAILS is based on active interdisciplinary learning in a content-rich environment. This approach enables gifted behaviors to emerge in students in both regular and special classrooms.

The purpose of SAILS is to provide a framework for understanding historical patterns that is often omitted in many history courses. This framework is developed by showing modern day links to ancient Western civilizations, presenting recurring patterns in history and acquiring an understanding of the basic ideals of these cultures. Every community in America has visual reminders of ancient civilizations that go unrecognized. Students of all ages can learn to recognize and appreciate this heritage with the SAILS series.

The concept and ideas for the SAILS books were developed during a 1993-95 U.S. Department of Education Javits grant project. During the years following the first Javits grant, the SAILS materials were fully developed and published. The SAILS Curriculum Kit materials were used with teachers and students during a second Javits grant (1999-2001). (Javits Grant Award Number R206A990007.)