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Helping anxious gifted children build confidence

Uschool Classroom Participation

Sylvia RimmDr. Sylvia Rimm will facilitate a day-long workshop for educators who work with gifted children on Friday, Sept. 15, 2017, at TU’s University School.

Educators will receive practical suggestions for how to encourage these children to speak up in class, cope with mistakes, work independently, enter competitions, take risks in writing, learn to accept criticism and cope with their own oversensitivities by productive engagement.

Intensity and sensitivity are characteristics of giftedness that can lead children to anxiety and perfectionism. Parents and educators can help these children overcome their anxieties. They can encourage them to take challenging opportunities and insist they gradually move forward to creativity, success and fulfillment.

Caring parents and educators who cater to children’s oversensitivities may unintentionally reinforce their avoidance of challenge. Perfectionistic children often spend hours overdoing already excellent work to avoid completing other assignments that feel threatening. They may convince teachers to excuse them from assignments claiming boredom instead of confessing the fears they feel. Their tears and fears invite teachers to help them more than they require, thus increasing their dependence.

The Rimm Model of Achievement and Underachievement will be shared during the workshop. Participants will collaborate on intervention plans for anxious gifted students who may be underachieving.

Register online. For more information, please email or call 918-631-5088.